Rainbow PDF® licenses are valid indefinitely.

Evaluation License

  • An Evaluation License allows evaluating the licensed software to determine if it meets the licensee’s requirements for a limited period of time
  • An evaluation license may not be used for development, testing or production

Single-User License

  • You may install one (1) copy of the licensed software for each license purchased
  • Does not include the right for access by concurrent users
  • Only apply to desktop solutions

Server License

  • Allows for deployment of the licensed software to one (1) server (or client) computer.
  • Can be accessed by concurrent users
  • One server license is required per CPU. Dual core processors are counted as 1 CPU.

OEM License

  • Required when the licensed software is incorporated into a software product that is used outside of licensee’s company, e. g. when the software product is sold or distributed to customers of the licensee
  • Issued for one (1) specific licensee application
  • For OEM license – Contact salesatRainbowPDFdotcom  (salesatRainbowPDFdotcom)  

Application Service Provider License (annual license agreement)

  • Allows businesses who provide SAAS (software as a service) to the public over a network to use Antenna House software.
  • Licenses issued one per server /CPU annually
  • One server license is required per CPU. Dual core processors are counted as 1 CPU.
  • For ASP license – Contact salesatRainbowPDFdotcom  (salesatRainbowPDFdotcom)  

Developer/non-production License

  • Rainbow PDF developer licenses can be purchased to accommodate non production development and testing.
  • With non- production licenses whether it be for development or testing, one license is required per processor.
  • Important: Non-production licenses are only available with the purchase of production licenses. For more information and for special non-production license prices, contact salesatRainbowPDFdotcom  (salesatRainbowPDFdotcom)   .